Short Movie
15 minutes

Prfs: Julie Desprairies & Ariela Katz

October 2016 - January 2017

In collaboration with Armelle Martin-Richon, with the kind participation of Jean-Louis Violeau, and the Collection of the Fine Arts School Paris

The Diving (Le Plongeon) is a short movie, written by Maud Lévy, Armelle Martin-Richon, and Antoine Vercoutère.

It has been created through researches and digging archive documents, encountering personnalities, to open a dialog around the events of the 1968 riots in Paris, that profoundly reshaped the profession of the architect and the teaching of its discipline.

In order to convey the amount of stories we gathered, we chose to write a script in which we interlaced the history of the architectural teaching with a fictional flood, translating time and evolutions through a diverse set of environmental metaphors.

Finally, we created a short movie, composed of archive movies, documentaries, excerpts from television broadcastings, and movies, conducted by a reading of the script.

Through the ambiguity of the fictional speech supported by real pictures, we aim at offering an alternative, humoristic and critical reading of history.

The movie is structured in five acts, following events that occured from 1962, till the late 2000s.