work in progress

September 2018 - ?


'In history, in social life, nothing is fixed, rigid or definitive. And nothing ever will be.'
— GRAMSCI Antonio, Selections from cultural writings. London (Lawrence & Wishart) 1985, 31.

Temporary Title is an attempt at creating a space for critical writing. We are building a physical device, printing architectural and explorative essays on demand.

The virtual environment created by the Internet has become a space of cultural and political debate, driven by anonymous personalities, capable of reacting on any topic.

Nevertheless, informations and opinions are swept in the maelstrom of a constantly updating environment. A continual eager for newness.

Ironically, this novelty-driven environment has a long memory. It does not forget. And once you've put something on the Internet, it is stored. Somewhere, anywhere. It is here.

Paper, which had this ability to outsource our stories, is now seen as an outdated media. It can be torn apart, it can be lost, it can be burnt.

The device that we are developing is a reaction to our connected era, trying to express its paradoxes, its beauty, and its volatility through written words, only possessed by those who physically printed it.