October 2017 - January 2018

Prf: Max Turnheim

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The diploma project we realised took the shape of a field of researches and explorations. It anchored its basis into study projects, analysis, writings, representations. We materialised its problematics through an installation.

Considering with a prospective view the role of the architect, we developed a cartography of speculations, which brought us a number of situations.

While looking into problematics such as ageing population, decrease of human labor through automatisation, we also questioned our abilities to interact and live during the digital revolution, and brought the topic of the environmental crisis. It permitted us to first construct six projects, as attempts to answer those contemporary situations through architectural design. Including: an architectural program mixing a university and a retirement home, a study project on production spaces, and their influence on territories, a study project on toilets, and the evolution of the notion of intimacy through History, and a project on the diffusion of information, and the spatial impact of distributing messages through telecommunications.

The problematics of the body inserted itself into each of these projects, and became a title for each of the project we developed: projected body, automatised body, sensitive body, generational body, animal body, informed body, neural body.