Diploma Project, ENSA Paris Malaquais
January - June 2018

Prfs: Philippe Morel, Jeremy Lecomte, Christian Girard

Project laureate of the prize of the best diploma of the Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France

With the kind participation of: Bastien Sanchez, Marie Cordier, Matilde Bonnet, François Vercoutère, Huguette Lévy & Jacques Lévy

The studies and researches from the first part of 'AUTO-POST-TRANS-MULTI-MÉTA-NÉO-ANTI-SUB-OB-' brought us to focus our diploma project on the consideration of the body. We undertook the decomposition of the conceptual schemes that frames the architectural project, in order to reintroduce the diversity of the body that inhabits it to its origins.

By constructing a suit including a set of sensors, we sought after the quantification of a body perception, in everyday situations. By gathering informations such as heart rate, breathing movements, brain waves, elbows and knees movements, center of gravity, temperature and humidity, we approximated a body state to try reconstructing it through an architectural installation.

By building a set of atmospheres, we operated a reconstruction of the signals we first recorded. By using everyday life objects (light bulbs, heating systems, fan, kettle, humidifier, fog generator), we inscribed our approach in the following of Andrea Branzi’s observations on the predominance that the object is taking upon architecture, by its omnipresence and overload, while adding a new reading of this concept by adding the digital environment created by connected devices.

This collection of researches, explorations, and conceptions contributed to build a critical point of view, and to experiment a large set of representational medium.