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MLAV.LAND is a field of research, explorations, investigations, and productions about architecture and what we consider its neighbour practices.

We seek to explore decisive factors, to form a wide prospective landscape. From this set of explorations, we want to develop a vision of future-oriented problematics, already questioning our contemporary architectural practice.

The first researches in our work are all oriented toward this intention of probing beyond innovations and evolutions, in order to imagine their associated consequences, in terms of social, political, technological and cultural matter. It is obvious that these speculations can not be seen as predictions, but as parts of an imaginary that constitutes our common hopes and doubts for the future.

We believe that the problematics we are studying are revealing a present state of architecture and its associated fields. We are convinced of the diverse definition of reality, fed by a multiplicity of domains, measurements, dialogs, pushing us to try capturing a part of it.

Therefore, we are developing a diffuse research, allowing us to put our discoveries, explorations, and productions in a dialog through a rhizomatic space of autonomous and interconnected places ; composed of interests, attractions, studies, encounters, topics, authors, architects, works, buildings, and projects.

As architects, we want to define our practice through a wide spectrum that goes from the usual project-making process to more experimental medium as performances, installations, graphic and musical works, cinematographic and photographic productions. The position that we seek to achieve includes a never-ending process of inquiries, overlaying on top of each other, producing real and virtual spaces for experimentation and solutions.


MLAV.LAND is an active member of the IHCRA and École Zéro associations, and of the MOB (Mobilier Ontologique du Bâti) seminar of the École Normale Supérieure.


Maud Lévy & Antoine Vercoutère, Paris


2022-?, ongoing research

PreHistories, Access to open objects
2020-?, ongoing research

Picture of the floating world
2021, drawing

Measuring and Piling (La Mesure et le Tas)
2019, installation [fr]

Random Architecture Program
2019, web app [fr]

Future of Past
2019, idea competition [fr]

Iliad/Free digital ecosystem in Paris, places and architectures
2019, drawings serie for Soline Nivet

Matière Directory (Annuaire Matière)
2019, web app [fr]

Matière Marketplace
2019, prototype web app [fr]

The Mobile Micro-Laboratory (Le Micro-Laboratoire Ambulant)
2019, micro-architecture project [fr]

Archive of Terrestrial Extracts (Archives d'Extraits Terrestres)
2018-?, ongoing archiving project [fr/en]

2018, photo series

What It Can Be (Ce Que Ça Peut Être)
2018, installation

2018, short film (12 minutes, color) [fr]

The Diving (Le Plongeon)
2017, short film (15 minutes, b&w) [fr]


Diploma theses supervision [R10 - PASS Department]
Architecture and climate emergency
ENSA Paris Malaquais (Spring 2022)


Chapelle Saint Louis, Poitiers
Measuring and piling, installation (2021)

Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris
Picture of the floating world, drawing (2021)

Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris
Measuring and Piling, installation (2019)

Cité de l'Architecture, Paris
Mini Maousse 7, competition (2019)

Maison de l'Architecture en Ile de France, Paris
What It Can Be, installation (december 2018)

ENSA Paris Malaquais - Diploma Exhibition
What It Can Be, installation (september 2018)

Beaux-Arts de Paris
What It Can Be, installation (june 2018)

Beaux-Arts de Paris
The Diving, film screening (january 2017)


Paris Ville Free
Soline Nivet, drawings by MLAV.LAND, in 'Revue du Crieur' #20, 2022 [fr]

Host to host
MLAV.LAND, in 'Revue Polygone #0 - Pirate', 2021 [fr]

Incertitude et chaos
MLAV.LAND, in 'Et demain, on fait quoi ?', Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 2020 [fr]

Objects trump architecture
MLAV.LAND, in forwward, 2019 [en]

Ce que ça peut être, Parties 1 & 2
MLAV.LAND (Maud Lévy & Antoine Vercoutère), 2018, 196 pages [fr]

Une cognition réticulaire et ambiante
L'évolution de l'architecture vers l'autoadaptabilité dynamique
Maud LÉVY, 2018, 95 pages [fr]

Brouhahas Projetés
Les territoires de l'axonométrie dans l'imaginaire architectural contemporain
Antoine VERCOUTÈRE, 2017, 87 pages [fr]


Special distinction at the Future of Past competition

Laureate of the Pli Public Workshop & Laureate of Pli Prize

Special distinction at the Mini Maousse competition
Cité de l'Architecture, 2019

Laureate of the Prize for the best diplomas from
the Maison de l'Architecture in Ile de France, 2018